greek food 4Calamari

Available in two preparations $10.00

PAN FRIED: in olive oil, served with marinara

GRILLED: with olive oil, lemon and oregano served in its own reduction

Spanakopita (spinach pie)

Spinach, feta and ricotta cheese wrapped in phyllo dough and baked $6.00

greek food 5Dolmas (grape leaves)

Vine leaves marinated in olive oil, lemon and spices stuffed with seasoned rice $7.00

Greek Fries

Deep fried potatoes covered with feta, oregano, fresh herbs and topped with olive oil and red wine vinegar $5.00

Chicken Wings

Hot, medium, mild or Greek style served with bleu cheese and celery Traditional $7.00 Boneless $8.00

Mega Fries

Traditional fries loaded with bacon, nacho cheese and mozzarella $6.00

Fresh Homemade Hummus

greek hummusTraditional Mediterranean dip made from garbanzo beans and fresh herbs $6.00


Spicy whipped feta and roasted red pepper dip served with pita bread $6.00

Olives & Feta

Kalamata olives, feta cheese, and sun dried tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and fresh oregano $7.00

Steamed Mussels

Prince Edward Isle mussels sautéed with spinach, white wine and garlic $9.00

Chicken Fingers

With dipping sauce $6.00


greek soup

Chicken & Orzo cup $4.00 bowl $6.00

Lentil cup $4.00 bowl $6.00


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